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The RAW 2005 registration form is now available. In an effort to assist RAW 2005 organizers with attendance numbers, a discount for early registration will be offered. Some of the offered optional events are still to be confirmed, but please let us know what you are interested in. Here is a bit more information about them:

Evening trip to Birch Aquarium - on Wed. the 22nd, buses are being arranged to make the 2 hour trip to San Diego to visit the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institute. This will include food and drinks that is being sponsored by Birch Aquarium. There is no extra charge for this.

Trip to L.A. wholesalers - we are trying to arrange buses to go and visit several of the major fish and invertebrate wholesalers in Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity to meet the people you order your animals from in person as well as do some shopping for your facilities while you are at it. LA is a major hub for aquarium tropicals coming from all over the world, and this is an opportunity to choose the cream of the crop, as well as see how these operations are run. There also is no extra charge for this, but the trip is limited to 56 people.

Dive boat trip to Catalina Island - this is being arranged through a third party provider and will be more or less independent of the hosts. It will happen only if there is enough demand for it. The trip will be arranged with some special pricing that we hope to announce as soon as possible. This usually includes everything except food.  Normally, boats leave Long Beach or San Pedro early in the morning. You make two, sometimes three dives in the beautiful kelp forests of Catalina Island, then are back in the evening. Catalina Island has some of the best diving in the world, but this is an all day commitment.

We know you're excited to come, so register soon!

The form is available as an Adobe Acrobat file. Just print it out, fill it out, and send it out. But don't forget payment!

Click here for RAW 2005 registration form in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format (12 KB)

If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it by click on the icon below.

Here is a list of attendees already registered:

Attendee Business
Adams, Julie John G. Shedd Aquarium
Akins, Mark Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Allard, Ruth AZA
Anderson, Julie Saddleback College
Arlotto, Joseph San Diego Zoo
Bacallao, Jose Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Ball, Mark Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Bates, Heather North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
Beran, David Oregon Coast Community College
Billin, Ken Houston Downtown Aquarium
Boerger, Christiana Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
Bradley, Jay National Aquarium Washington D.C.
Brandy, George Houston Zoo Inc
Brazel, Monica Shark Reef
Brittsan, Mike Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Burkett, Stephen Houston Downtown Aquarium
Candido, Fatima Oceanario de Lisboa
Carpenter, Tim Seattle Aquarium
Caun, Mike The Living Planet Aquarium
Chan, Norton Waikiki Aquarium
Christie, Barrett Moody Gardens
Christie, Natasha Atlantis - Kerzner International
Clayton, Erica John G. Shedd Aquarium
Clifford, Kevin Oregon Coast Aquarium
Coats, R. Sean The Florida Aquarium, Inc.
Coleman, Ann Monterey Bay Aquarium
Collins, Mike Mote Marine Laboratory
Conricote, Marty Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park
Cripe, David Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cross, Katrina Monterey Bay Aquarium
Cyr, David Tulsa Zoo
Davi, Tony Underwater Adventures Aquarium
DeCastro, Ed Alaska Sealife Center
Deford, Tina McWane Center/ World of Water
DeWitt, Robert Smithsonian National Zoo
DeWitt, Tamsen Smithsonian National Zoo
Dickson, John The Living Seas/Walt Disney World
Dorn, Brian Albuquerque Aquarium
Dowd, Scott New England Aquarium
Embree, Kirk Blank Park Zoo
Ezcurra, Manny Monterey Bay Aquarium
Faulkner, Mark Monterey Bay Aquarium
Firchau, Beth Virginia Aquarium
Fry, Michelle Newport Aquarium
Gendron, Suzanne M. Ocean Park Corporation
Gibula, Jeff Newport Aquarium
Gilbert, Thom Hatfield Marine Science Center
Givens, Matt Landry's/Rainforest Cafe
Griffin, Mark Purina Mills Mazuri
Gromen-Lyons, Pam Newport Aquarium
Haas, Kimberly Mote Marine Laboratory
Hagley, Dan Newport Aquarium
Hamilton, Randy Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hanna, Jolene Newport Aquarium
Harriman, John Waterdog Products, Inc.
Hartley-Salmon, Melissa R. Riverbanks Zoo
Hemdal, Jay The Toledo Zoo
Hocking, Richard Alaska Sea Life Center
Hoech, Jon Monterey Bay Aquarium
Hollander, Joel Seattle Aquarium
Jaros, Nathan D. Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo
Jewell, Jack M. Shark Reef
Johnson, Mark Hayward Flow Control Systems
Johnson, Samantha NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
Johnson, Terri TJP, Inc.
Kagey, Cindy Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Kastura, Mike Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
Kent, Bryan Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
Lam, Kelley Waikiki Aquarium
Lambert, William Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Laterveer, Michael Rotterdam Zoo
Laughlin, Dan New England Aquarium
Lavorano, Silvia Genoa Aquarium-Costa Edutainment
Lee, Cindy Toronto Zoo
Lennard, Angie Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Levesque, Vincent Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Lewis, Jenni Moody Gardens
Loiselle, Paul New York Aquarium
Lopez, John Chula Vista Nature Center
Love, Todd Monterey Bay Aquarium
Lowry, Michelle Ocean Life Center Aquarium
Lunsford, Gary Tulsa Zoo
Madureira, Joao Oceanario de Lisboa
Marshall, Allan Pittsburgh ZOO and PPG Aquarium
Matsushige, Leslee Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
McClure, Timothy Aquarium Science Program, OCCC
McCue, Michael Underwater World Guam
McDaniel, Stefanie Monterey Bay Aquarium
Melechinsky, Debbie Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Miller, Steve Hayward Flow Control Systems
Mohan, Pete RAW Advisory Chairman
Moore, Tony The Mirage
Munoz, Argelia SEA Lab
Nelson, Brian New England Aquarium
North, Takura Atlantis - Kerzner Internationational
Nosratpour, Fernando Birch Aquarium @ Scripps
Nunes, Gonšalo David Oceanario de Lisboa
O'Brien, Becky Albuquerque Aquarium
Overby, John Ozone Water Systems
Parsons, George John G. Shedd Aquarium
Pereira, Joao Falcato Oceanario de Lisboa
Petersen, Dirk Rotterdam Zoo
Peterson, Dan Minnesota Zoo
Pierce, Justin Medusa Laboratory
Potvin, Brian Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park
Pratt, Carrie Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Pulver, Andrew National Aquarium in Baltimore
Purgley, Hugh Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
Quintero, Rick National Aquarium Washington D.C.
Ratcliff, Jennifer Mote Marine Laboratory
Rawlings, Jennifer Riverbanks Zoo
Reid, Scott Monterey Bay Aquarium
Reynolds, Jay Moody Gardens
Rossiter, Andrew Waikiki Aquarium
Roy, Mat Living Color Enterprises, Inc.
Rupp, John Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Russell, Douglas W. Aqua Logic Inc
Russell, Keisha Atlantis - Kerzner International
Russo, Nic Oregon Coast Community College
Satchell, Robert Daniel Boyle Engineering
Scheiwe, Brent SEA Lab
Schick, Mark John G. Shedd Aquarium
Semmen, Kent Brookfield Zoo
Simmons, Janice Marine Biological Laboratory
Simmons, Laura Discovery Cove Orlando
Singer, Freya Monterey Bay Aquarium
Smith, Linelle Jenkinson's Aquarium
Smith, Shannon Leah SEA Lab
Snowden, Bob Moody Gardens
Spangenberg, Jill Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco
Steers, Julianne Ocean Institute
Stettner, George Dallas World Aquarium
Stout, Gustave R. National Aquarium in Baltimore
Taylor, Jeff R&B Aquatic Distribution Inc.
Telzrow, Mark Sea World of Texas
Terrell, Rich Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium
Thorpe, Dana John G. Shedd Aquarium
Thorpe, Macade John G. Shedd Aquarium
Tran, Huy Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.
Trobaugh, Deanna Alaska Sealife Center
Valadez, Laura North Carolina Zoo
Verdugo, Jonelle Monterey Bay Aquarium
Warmolts, Doug Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Watson, Jim John G. Shedd Aquarium
Wegner, Becky Oregon Coast Community College
Whittaker, Greg Moody Gardens
Wimmer, Cameron S. Albuquerque Aquarium
Wolters, Seth Steinhart Aquarium
Yee, Andy OCC Public Marine Aquarium
Young, Forrest A. Dynasty Marine Associates, Inc.
Young, Keith Living Color Enterprises, Inc.


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