He said, she said....

This year's schedule is streamlined to reduce conference costs for both the hosts and attendees. There will be the equivalent of 2.5 days of presentations, and we are promoting better use of poster sessions. Also note that three of the conference evenings have events held at various venues.

Registration hours have been set for you to check-in at the meeting space at the Westin hotel:

Registration Table Open
Monday 20th, 8am - 12pm, 4pm - 6pm
Tuesday 21st, 8am - 12pm
Tuesday evening at Icebreaker, if needed


What follows is the schedule for RAW 2005 (subject to changes, of course). You can also download the schedule in an Adobe Acrobat PDF file by clicking here, but keep in mind that you will be provided with a copy of the schedule upon check-in at the registration table, so there is likely no need to print it out (save a tree!):



Monday, June 20, 2005


8:00-9:00            Marine Fishes TAG (Beth Firchau)


9:00-10:00          Freshwater Fishes (Paul Loiselle)



10:00-10:15        Break



10:15-11:15        Aquatic Inverts (Mike Brittsan)


11:15-12:15        Coral Reef CAP (Mike Brittsan)



12:15-1:45          Lunch



1:45-3:00            A Look Behind the Curtain at AZA's Conservation Endowment Fund (Ruth Allard)



3:00-3:15            Break



3:15-4:30            AQIG and discussion (Pete Mohan & Beth Firchau)



Tuesday  June 21, 2005



8:30-8:40           Welcome - Perry Hampton, Aquarium of the Pacific & Mike Schaadt, Cabrillo Aquarium



SESSION 1              General Interest


8:40-9:00           The effect of supplemental nutrition on the growth of Acropora cervicornis in a captive study.  Sean Coats, The Florida Aquarium


9:00-9:20           Exhibiting Tridacnid Clams in an Open Display Design.  Norton Chan,  Waikiki Aquarium


9:20-9:40           OH THE PRESSURE!  Preliminary Results of a Hyperbaric Chamber for Deep-Water Fish.   Jeff Landesman, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium


9:40-10:00         Development & Execution of New England Aquarium's new Stellwagen Bank Exhibit.   Brian Nelson, New England Aquarium & Tony Davi, Underwater Adventures Aquarium. 


10:00-10:30       Break and Poster Sessions



SESSION 2              General Interest


10:30-10:50       The Evolution of the Perfect Predators.   Jose I. Castro, NOAA/Mote Marine Laboratory


10:50-11:10       Ocean Adventure - the little aquarium that could…   Greg Whittaker, The Aquarium at Moody Gardens. 


11:10-11:30       Update on the Progress of the Pygmy Sunfish Conservation Project.   Jennifer Rawlings, Riverbanks Zoo


11:30-11:50       Traveling Turtle has Things to Teach Us.   Pam Lyons-Gromen, Newport Aquarium.  


12:00-1:30         Lunch (on your own)


SESSION 3              General Interest


1:30-1:50           Changing the feeding regime in a multi-species open-ocean tank by means of target training pelagic sharks.  Michaël Laterveer, Rotterdam Zoo


1:50-2:10           Aquatic Animal Enrichment at Moody Gardens.   Jenni Lewis and Bob Snowden, The Aquarium at Moody Gardens


2:10-2:30           Conditioning and Enrichment at Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.   Hugh Purgley & Monica Brazel, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay


2:30-2:50            "Does this fish look fat in this tank?"   Debbie Crain, Bass Pro Shops



2:50-3:20            Break



SESSION 4               General Interest


3:20-3:40           Tennessee Aquarium's "Ocean Journey" expansion overview.   Kathina Alford, Tennessee Aquarium.  


3:40-4:00           Display of a Captive White Shark, Carcharodon carcharias, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium: Step one add Shark and Stir Evenly with Public and Media.   Manny Ezcurra, Monterey Bay Aquarium.  


4:00-4:20           Behavioral cues for catalyzing cleaning behavior in the Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp Lysmata amboinensis.  Robert Snowden, The Aquarium at Moody Gardens


EVENING ACTIVITIES – Hosted by the Aquarium of the Pacific

Transportation to event: participants walk to the Aquarium or take one of the free Passport shuttle buses (see info provided in your totebag)


6:30 - 11:00            Icebreaker Party at Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach


6:30 – 7:30      Drinks, appetizers in Shark Lagoon

8:00 – 9:30      Buffet dinner in Great Hall

9:00 – 10:00    Dessert and coffee served in Great Hall of the Pacific



Wednesday  June 22, 2005



SESSION 5              Aquaculture / Propagation


8:30-8:50          Preliminary experiments towards captive rearing of Hawaiian Blue-spotted goby, Asterropteryx semipunctatus. Thom Gilbert, Hatfield Marine Science Center-Oregon State University


8:50-9:10          The Marine Fish Breeding Records; a tool for monitoring captive breeding of marine fish.  Michaël Laterveer, Rotterdam Zoo


9:10-9:30          Advances in captive coral breeding – results of three years research at Rotterdam Zoo. Dirk Petersen, Rotterdam Zoo


9:30-9:50          Temperature effects on prey availability and survival and growth of copper rockfish larvae, Sebastes caurinus.  Thom Gilbert, Hatfield Marine Science Center-Oregon State University



10:00-10:30       Break and Poster Sessions



SESSION 6              Medical


10:30-10:50       "A Real Hole in the Wall" A Case Study of a Nautilus pompilius. Tamsen G. DeWitt, Smithsonian National Zoo


10:50-11:10       Dinoflagellates and Marine Head and Lateral Line Erosion. Michelle Fry, Newport Aquarium


11:10-11:30       Formaldehyde Trends in Water.  Jolene Hanna, Newport Aquarium


11:30-11:50       Preliminary Case Reports of Two Suspected Neoplasms from Fishes of the Family Acanthuridae.  Barrett Christie, The Aquarium at Moody Gardens



12:00-1:30         Lunch (on your own)



SESSION 7               General Interest


1:30-1:50           Exploration of the deep reef slope off of Manado, Indonesia in search of coelacanths.   Forrest A., Young, Dynasty Marine Associates, Inc.


1:50-2:10           Agonistic Displays and Sound Production in the Humphead Maori Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus).   Mark Schick, John G. Shedd Aquarium


2:10-2:30           Bluewater Diving for Gelatinous Plankton: The Thrills and Chills.  Norton Chan, Waikiki Aquarium



EVENING ACTIVITIES – Hosted by the Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Transportation to event: busses provided


3:15      Board busses to Birch Aquarium in La Jolla at Westin Long Beach


3:30      Busses depart for Birch (don’t be late)


5:30      Arrive at Birch Aquarium


6:30      Buffet dinner


9:45      Board busses for return to Long Beach


10:00    Busses depart for Long Beach Westin Hotel



Thursday June 23, 2005



SESSION 8              General Interest


8:30-8:50           Michael Howard, Aquarium of the Pacific


8:50-9:10           A Preliminary Comparison of Buoyant Weighing vs. Weighting In Air as Methods for Measuring Coral Growth.   Carrie Pratt, Columbus Zoo


9:10-9:30           An innovative life support system to create dynamic ecosystems.  Michaël Laterveer, Rotterdam Zoo


9:30-9:50           Aquarium Science Program at Oregon Coast Community College.   David Beran, Oregon Coast Community College



10:00-10:30       Break and Poster Sessions



SESSION 9              Conservation


10:30 - 10:50     Conservation Efforts of Threatened Rockfish Species at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.   Kevin Clifford, Oregon Coast Aquarium.


10:50 - 11:10     How can future public aquariums contribute to coral reef conservation? Some thoughts on the feasiblity of coral breeding programs to manage in- and ex-situ populations.   Dirk Petersen, Rotterdam Zoo.  


11:10 - 11:30     Race to Save the Dace.  Cindy Lee, Toronto Zoo.



11:30 -1:30        Lunch (on your own)



SESSION 10               Conservation


1:30-1:50           Coochi, Coochi Coo - Cabrillo Marine Aquarium's new Aquatic Nursery. Mike Schaadt, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.  


1:50-2:10           Reef Protection International (RPI) educates the public about the marine aquarium trade and promotes consumer behavior that enhances coral reef conservation. Drew Weiner, Reef Protection International.


2:10-2:30           TBA


2:30-2:50           Presentation by Moody Gardens staff on RAW 2006!!



EVENING ACTIVITIES – Hosted by Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Transportation to event:  buses provided


4:30                  First two buses leave for to Cabrillo Aquarium


5:15 (approx)            Second two busses leave for Cabrillo


6:00 (approx)            Aquarist Olympics


7:30 (approx)            BBQ


10:00                Grunion run on Cabrillo Beach


Buses return to Westin Hotel at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and 11:30 PM (if needed).



Friday, June 24, 2005


7:30-12:30            Field trip to tropical fish wholesalers (must have prior reservations)



Have a safe trip home – we’ll see you at RAW 2006 at Moody Gardens in sunny Galveston, TX! 

Stay tuned for details dates, hotels, etc.