In search of money!!!

We are extremely pleased to announce the following companies and individuals whom have contributed sponsorship funds in support of RAW this year. They are listed in alphabetical order:

AquaC, Inc.
Aqua Logic Incorporated
Aquadyne Computer Corporation
Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.
Cal Aquaria
CASCO Group, Inc.
David L. Manwarren Corporation
Dynasty Marine Associates Inc.
H2O Aquarium Products
Hayward Flow Control Systems
Howard, James
Living Color Enterprises Inc.
Marineland - Instant Ocean
Pentair Aquatics
Quality Marine
R&B Aquatic Distribution, Inc.
RK2 Systems
Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc.
Seasafe, Inc. (Fiberglass grating and structural systems)
Staples (Long Beach)
State Fish Company
Sunset Marine Labs, LLC
TJP Engineering
Underwater World
Urashima USA, Inc.
Waterdog Products Inc.

We will be shameless in saying that "WE STILL NEED SPONSORS!!!". These conferences take considerable resources and considerable resourcefulness. So, with registration fees as low as they are (and we would like to keep that way), we can use all the help we can get! So, if you are interested in helping the conference out and getting some exposure for your company and its products in the only place where you will have the most public aquarium geeks together, here's your chance. Below are details from the official call for sponsors. Give it a read and let us know if you're interested in starting a friendship that we hope will last for years and years!

You can also download the official call for sponsors as a PDF file (27KB) by clicking here.

Call for Sponsors

19th Annual Regional Aquatics Workshop (RAW)

June 20 24, 2005

Long Beach, California


Dear Aquatic Colleague,


On behalf of the public aquarium community, I would like to make you aware of our yearly conference, the annual Regional Aquatics Workshop (RAW), which will be hosted this year by the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, June 20-24 2005, in Long Beach, California.  The purpose of our yearly conference is to provide a forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of information detailing captive maintenance and husbandry practices in large-scale aquaria.  Regular attendees of RAW include Aquarists, Curators, and Directors from large and small public aquariums all over the United States and Europe. With over 200 attendees expected, the diversity and worldwide representation provides an excellent forum to showcase your products.  RAW 2005 will begin with AZA Taxon Advisory Group meetings on June 20. June 21 begins the first full day of paper sessions. June 21- 23 will consist of full days of paper sessions and round table discussion groups.  Evening events will be held at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, the Birch Aquarium in San Diego, and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro.  The final day of the conference (June 24) is reserved for field trips to local vendors and institutions.


Program topics normally include:  Ethics, Conservation, and Education    Exhibit & Life Support System Design    Legislation and Permitting  Collection, Acclimation and Quarantine  Nutrition and Feeding     Captive Behavior     Stock Management     Record Keeping  Reproduction       Veterinary Care   Water Quality Management


Call for Sponsors

In order to facilitate this important meeting, sponsors are being sought in the following categories to help defray meeting costs.  Sponsors can be vendors, industry suppliers and other relevant companies and donors. Unapproved sponsors will not be permitted to advertise or distribute material during the meeting.

First Tier Sponsorship_______________________________________________$500

Second Tier Sponsorship_____________________________________________$1,000

Third Tier Sponsorship__________________________________________________$2,000

Single Event Sponsorship____________________________________Contact Host for Price

Sponsorship Opportunities available for:

*Exhibit items will be moved by Aquarium staff on final day of conference and set-up at      Cabrillo Marine Aquarium for evening BBQ.  Additional exhibit space may be added.

**Pop-up display provided by exhibitors



For information contact:

Jeff Landesman

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

(310) 548-7479