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Call for Presentations

20th annual Regional Aquatics Workshop (RAW)

May 15-19, 2006


Hola Fishheads!


Moody Gardens invites you to actively participate in the 17th annual (20th actual) RAW being held in Galveston, Texas.  Dazzle us with your brilliance and delight us with your experiences in the watery realm.  RAW prides itself on being an opportunity to actively foster communication amongst all levels of aquarium operations from entry level aquarist through facility director.  This community relies on information sharing to advance our husbandry skills and exhibit operations, collaborate on conservation and research and mentor the professionals of tomorrow.  This year, along with the usual range of topics for discussion we are devoting sessions to specific topics; cephalopods, disaster preparedness/assistance networks, and aquatic animal enrichment.


Presentation guidelines:


   Individual presentations will be a maximum of 20 minutes in length (15 for presentation and 5 for Q&A).


   Power Point presentations are preferred, but other forms of media can be made available at request.  Please specify your needs when you submit your abstract.


Poster presentations are also encouraged.  Appropriate venues for display and author interaction will be provided throughout the workshop proceedings.


George Stettner at the Dallas World Aquarium is organizing the Aquatic Animal Enrichment session.  All relevant submissions will be directed to him on receipt.


Abstracts are required and will be submitted for later publication in Drum and Croaker. Please send informal abstracts in Microsoft Word format to:


Paula Kolvig and/or Roy Drinnen /

(409) 683.4107 / (409) 683.4103

Asst Curator Rainforest / Fishes

Moody Gardens

One Hope Blvd

Galveston, TX 77554



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