Here you can find updated conference schedules. A more detailed schedule of presentations is available by clicking here.


2006 RAW Conference
Schedule of Events
May 14th May 15th May 16th May 17th May 18th May 19th May 20th May 21st
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday
8:30 AM   Morning Opening Stingray Disaster Morning    
9:00 AM   TAG Session Session Procedures General   Hands-on
9:30 AM   Meetings   (freshwater) Session Sessions   Sea Turtle
10:00 AM   Break Break Break Break Break Sea  National
10:30 AM   Morning  Morning Life   RAW Turtle Marine
11:00 AM   TAG Cephalopod Support Aquatic Business Husbandry Fisheries
11:30 AM   Meetings Sessions Session  Enrichment Session  Symposium Wet Lab
12:00 PM   Lunch Lunch Lunch Session      
12:30 PM   Break Break Break     MG  
1:00 PM   Afternoon   Water Visit   conference  
1:30 PM   AQIG Cephalopod Quality To Palm Beach center  
2:00 PM   session  Sessions Session Houston      
2:30 PM   Break Break Break Zoo Lunch    
3:00 PM   Afternoon            
3:30 PM   TAG Afternoon General   Aquarium    
4:00 PM   Business Cephalopod Session   Olympics    
4:30 PM   if needed Sessions       Sea Turtle  
5:00 PM             Training   
5:30 PM Registration   NRCC      


6:00 PM in    Lab       National  
6:30 PM hospitality   Tours   Visit   Marine   
7:00 PM suite       To    Fisheries  
7:30 PM       Ice Downtown   Service Lab  
8:00 PM       Breaker Aquarium      
8:30 PM     Pub           
9:00 PM     crawl          
9:30 PM     on the          
10:00 PM     Strand          
10:30 PM                
11:00 PM   Hospitality       Hospitality    
11:30 PM   suite     Hospitality suite    
12:00 AM   open   Hospitality suite open    
12:30 AM     Hospitality  suite open      
1:00 AM     suite open        
1:30 AM     open          
2:00 AM                





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