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Regional Aquatics Workshop

Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium

Draft Program (8 May 06)


Monday, 15 May


8:00am             FFTAG


9:00am             AITAG


10:00am           Coral CAP


10:30am           MFTAG


12:30pm           Lunch


1:30pm AQIG


Tim Carpenter/Hassan Syed, ISIS – “ZIMS – What it will do for your Institution”



Tuesday, 16 May


8:30am             Session 1

·        Conference Welcome

·        Franklin Viola – Flower Gardens Bank National Marine Sanctuary Program presentation.

·        Roland Anderson, Seattle Aquarium – “How to keep your GPO happy”


10am                Break – Meet the Sponsors!


10:30am           Session 2

·        Bruce Carlson, Georgia Aquarium – Cephalopod work with Waikiki Aquarium and Georgia Aquarium.

·        Vanda Lobo, Oceanaria de Lisboa – Oval Squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana ) husbandry

·        NRCC – Sepia pharonis husbandry advances


12:00pm           Lunch


1:00pm Session 3

·        Drew Weiner, Reef Protection International – Project update

·        Roland Anderson, Seattle Aquarium – “Ethics and Invertebrates – Where do we draw the line?”

·        Jay Hemdal, Toledo Zoo – “Institutional Collection Planning for Public Aquariums”

·        Tom Schmid, Texas State Aquarium – “Standardized Guidelines for Fish Collections” *Group discussion, not formal presentation.


2:30pm Break – Meet the Sponsors!


3:00pm Session 4

·        Rubin Fields, Henry Doorly Zoo – “Propagating Nautilus in Artificial Seawater”

·        Nikki Grandinetti, Adventure Aquarium – “The Making of the Adventure Aquarium”

·        Barrett Christie, Moody Gardens – “ Extreme Duration Hyposalinity in the Control of Neobenedenia melleni (MonogeneaCapsalidae), with notes regarding the history of treatment in public aquaria”

·        NRCC – “Summary of Cephalopod Culture at the NRCC”

·        Richard Hocking, Alaska SeaLife Center – “Reproduction in Captive Giant Pacific Octopus” *Poster introduction, not formal presentation.


Tuesday, 16 May (Evening)


5:00pm First Busses to NRCC leave front of hotel


5:45pm Second busses to NRCC leave front of hotel


6:00pm First group leaves NRCC to Historic Strand district


6:30pm Second group leaves NRCC to Historic Strand district

*Anyone not wanting to stay downtown until 9pm can ride busses back


9:00pm First Busses from Strand back to Moody Gardens


10:0pm Second Busses from Strand back to Moody Gardens


9:00pm Piscine Energetics Hospitality Suite open til 12:30am


Wednesday, 17 May


8:00am             Session 5: Elasmobranchs

·        Dave Hoffman, Atlantis Aquarium – “Captive husbandry for the genus Potamotrygon, emphasis on P. henlei, P. leopoldi and P. menchacai

·        Erica Clayton, Shedd Aquarium – “The Use of Ultrasound in Monitoring of Reproduction in Freshwater Stingrays, Potamotrygon species.”

·        Robert George, D.V.M., Virginia Aquarium – “The Use of Ultrasonography in Managing Reproductive Activity of Rhinoptera bonasus in Captivity”

·        Kenny Alexopoulis, Oklahoma Aquarium – “In-House Shark Collection and Proactive Stress Conditioning for Transport of Sensitive Elasmobranchs”

·        Eric Curtis, Shedd Aquarium – “Kiddie Pools:  Thinking outside the box”

·        Steve Blair, Aquarium of the Pacific – “The Captive Handling and Restraint of the Freshwater Sawfish:  When not to say 1, 2, 3 go!”


10:00am           Break – Meet the Sponsors!


10:30am           Session 6: Water Quality/Life Support

·        Phillip Lee, NRCC – Anaerobic Denitrification

·        Matt Smith, LS Enterprises – “Getting full performance from packed columns, or How to get your money’s worth”

·        Barrett Christie, Moody Gardens – “Use of Ionic Constituents to Approximate Total System Volume”


12:00pm           Lunch


1:00pm Session 7:  Water Quality/Life Support

·        John Overby, Ozone Water Systems – Ozone Equipment Selection

·        Andy Aiken, National Aquarium – “Ozone Application and Management in the Aquatic Life Support System (LSS)”

·        Andy Aiken, National Aquarium – Aquality update


2:30pm Break – Meet the Sponsors!


3:00pm Session 8

·        Stefanie Cooke, Monterrey Bay Aquarium – “Training isn’t just for mammals.  How training can be a useful tool to care for a variety of animals”

·        Todd Love, Monterrey Bay Aquarium – “From Bay to Display:  The Mola mola on exhibit at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium”

·        Darryl Deleske, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium – “Don’t sweat it’s only temperate”

·        Erik Forsman, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium – “CMA’s Aquatic Nursery Revisited:  A year of successes!”

·        Ashley Hartness, Adventure Aquarium – “Methods and Techniques for the Husbandry of Gymnura micrura in Closed Environments”

·        Ed Seidel, Maine State Aquarium – “Ocean as Aquarium:  ROV Used as an Aquarium Display”


7:00pm Icebreaker – Aquarium, Rainforest and SimEx! Iwerks 4-D theatre


10:00pm           Piscine Energetics Hospitality Suite open til 12:30am



Thursday, 18 May


8:00am             Session 9:  Disaster Preparedness

·        Greg Whittaker, Moody Gardens – “Proactive Inter-Facility Collaboration”

·        C. Ben Daughtry, Dynasty Marine Associates – “Reporting on Hurricane Wilma”

·        Nahcole Sears, Dynasty Marine Associates – “Managing Husbandry Standards During Times of Diminished Service Capacity”

·        Forrest Young, Dynasty Marine Associates – “ Organization and Leadership During Disaster Recovery”

·        Rich Toth, Aquarium of The Americas – Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath *Tentative pending availability


9:30am             Break – Meet the Sponsors!


10:00am           Session 10:  Aquatic Animal Enrichment

·        George Stettner, Dallas World Aquarium – Introduction of panel and agenda

·        Jill Mellen, Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Evolution of Enrichment

·        Roland Anderson, Seattle Aquarium – “Enrichment for Giant Pacific Octopuses”

·        Margaret Whittaker, Active Environments – Implementing New Ideas into Established Programs


11:00am           Session 10 Question/Answer Discussion – Group discussion of presentations


11:30am           Session 10 Working Groups – Smaller focus groups

·        Cephalopods led by Roland Anderson

·        Sea Turtles led by Lisa Davis, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

·        FW/Marine Community & Reef led by George Stetner, Jill Mellen & Others (TBA)


12:00pm           End of Sessions, assemble outside Hotel for Busses to Houston


12:30pm           Busses leave MG


1:45pm Busses arrive Houston Zoo – Lunch served

5:00pm Busses leave Houston Zoo for Downtown Aquarium – Food/Drinks served

9:00pm Busses leave Downtown Aquarium for MG

10:15pm           Busses arrive at MG


10:00pm           Piscine Energetics Hospitality Suite open til 12:30am


Friday, 19 May


8:30am             Session 11

·        RAW Business Meeting


10:00am           Break – Meet the Sponsors!


10:30am                       Session 12

·        Debra Goodrich, Fins, Fur and Feathers – “Can Saltwater Fish Exhibits Utilize Enrichment Practices?”

·        Robert Snowden, Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium – “Target Training and Tactile Conditioning of Two Zebra Sharks, Stegostoma fasciatum

·        Heather Crocker, Aquarium of the Pacific – “Positive Buoyancy in Adult Leafy Seadragons”

·        Elsa Santos, Oceanaria de Lisboa – “Trials with Ghost Pipefish”

·        Jessica Trantham, WCS – “Aquarium Science Program at Oregon Coast Community College”

·        Greg Whittaker - Closing remarks


12:00pm           Palm Beach – Beach party, aquarium olympics


9:00pm Piscine Energetics Hospitality Suite open til 12:30am


Goodbye RAW 2006, Welcome Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium


Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium

Galveston, Texas, USA

May 20-21, 2006


Saturday, 20 May


8:30 – 10:15     Session I

Jeanette Wyneken, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

Raising Sea Turtles for Research


Meghan Conti, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

            Got Sea Turtles? An Overview of FWC’s Captive Facility

Program and Management Practices


Mark Swingle, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

            Sea Turtle Husbandry Survey


10:30 – 12:15   Session II

            David Rostal, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University

            Reproductive Physiology of Sea Turtles: Observations from

Captive and Wild Populations


Robert George, DVM, Aquatic Animal Medicine Consultants

            Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Medical Management of

Reproductively Active Sea Turtles


Ben Higgins, NOAA Fisheries Service, Galveston Laboratory

            The Kemp’s ridley Headstart Program and Sea Turtle Captive

Rearing Programs at the NOAA Fisheries Sea Turtle Facility,

Galveston, Texas


12:15 – 1:30     Lunch


Margaret Cook, Robert George, Wendy Walton and Susan Barco

            Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program

            Preliminary Blood Chemistry Results for Stranded Sea Turtles

in Virginia


Wendy Walton, Robert George and Brad Nadelstein

            Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program

            Ophthalmic Abnormalities in Stranded Sea Turtles from the

Mid-Atlantic United States


Lory Scott, Virginia Living Museum and Old Dominion University

Sea Turtle Husbandry


Mark Swingle, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Sea Turtles in Aquariums: 2002 Sea Turtle Survey

1:30 – 3:15                   Session III

Todd Jones, Doctoral Student, University of British Columbia

            Rearing Leatherbacks in Captivity: Protocols, Health and



Kelly Martin, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Designing Basic Husbandry Training Programs to Fit the Needs of Two Very Different Sea Turtles, Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas


Lucia Guillen, Sea Turtle Inc.

            Behavioral Impact of Enrichment Tools on Captive Sea Turtles

at Sea Turtle Inc.


Petra Cunningham-Smith, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Planning and Evaluating Sea Turtle Enrichment


3:30 – 5:00                   Session IV

Karen Eckert, Ph.D., Duke University and WIDECAST

            Building Capacity for Conservation at Regional Scales:

WIDECAST’s Caribbean “Sea Turtle Trauma Response Corps”


Kate Mansfield, Ph.D., Virginia Institute of Marine Science

            Satellite Tracking: A Tool for Monitoring Sea Turtles in the Wild


            Group Discussion of Sea Turtle Husbandry Issues


5:15 – 5:45

            Sea Turtle training demonstration at Moody Gardens Aquarium


6:00 pm            Busses to NOAA Fisheries Sea Turtle Facility – Food/Drinks

served, sponsored by Animal Capture Equipment, Inc


8:30 pm            Busses return to Moody Gardens Hotel



Sunday, 21 May


8:30 am            Busses to NOAA Fisheries Sea Turtle Facility for Workshops


Participants may choose only one workshop session.  Due to quarantine restrictions, movement from one session to the other will be prohibited.


9:00 – 12:00     Workshop Session I

Sea Turtle Anatomy and Necropsy Techniques

            by NOAA Fisheries Staff and Jeanette Wyneken


9:00 – 12:00     Workshop Session II

Physical Diagnosis and Handling of Sea Turtles

            by NOAA Fisheries Staff and Robert George, DVM


Sea Turtle Tagging Techniques

            by NOAA Fisheries Staff and Kate Mansfield


12:00 pm          Busses return to Moody Gardens Hotel


Goodbye from Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium



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