There are four airports servicing the New York area from which you can get to Atlantis Marine World (AMW) in Riverhead, NY on Long Island:


JFK (international and domestic):   1.5hour drive time to AMW.
Newark (EWR):  2.5hr drive time
LaGuardia (LGA):  1.5hr drive time
Islip/MacArthur (ISP): Smaller airport, only 30 min drive time or nearby train station (Ronkonkoma to Riverhead, and we can arrange a shuttle to the hotel at specific times). Some flights may be more expensive as compared to the other airports, but it is more convenient and less hassles with baggage, car rentals, etc.


We can suggest the following websites for searching for airfares:









The best way to find your way around by car to the Best Western-Eastend, where the conference talks are being held, is to use Mapquest. Enter your starting address below:

Address or Intersection:
State: ZIP Code:

Some pre-set directions can be found here:


JFK to the Best Western-Eastend

Newark to the Best Western

LaGuardia to the Best Western

Islip/MacArthur to the Best Western



This is not the easiest solution, but certainly possible.

From JFK:
AirTrain will get folks around JFK and get them to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). Take the Jamaica Station route to Jamaica Station LIRR:
Once on the LIRR, one needs to get to Riverhead, but it's not a direct route and there are limited arrival times into Riverhead. Transfer has to take place at Ronkonkoma. The train schedule can be found at: Be sure to check for current timetables, this timetable is only good till March 2008. Confused? Like we said, not the easiest solution....

From EWR:
Need to take AirTrain:
Click on the "from" button, then enter in "NY Long Island" in the "Where are you going?" and then follow directions. Penn Station/LIRR and then same route as other train schedules.

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