Monday June 16

TAG meetings at Best Western:  Many are encouraged to attend!!

9 - 10 FFTAG (including LVVSP)
10 - 11:30  MFTAG
11:30 - 1 PM Lunch
1 - 2 AQIG
2 - 3:00 Coral CAP
3:15 - 4:15 AITAG

Monday night Ice Breaker at Atlantis from 6pm-9pm, open bar for wine and beer.  Great food within very easy walking/stumbling distance.
North Fork Trolley (NFT) available to transport people from Atlantis Marine World (AMW)/downtown to and from the hotel on the half hour, with last trolley leaving AMW/ downtown at 11pm.

Tuesday June 17

Lectures will be from 8am till ~5pm, with two breaks and lunch.
Dinner at AMW from 7pm-11pm, open bar for wine and beer, with NFT running on the half hour till 11pm
Atlantis Aquarist Todd Gardner and his band "Spicy Tuna" will be playing that night at AMW.  If you are musical and want to join in, we more then welcome all.

Wednesday June 18

Field trip to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut.  Buses will be leaving the hotel by 8am to the Orient Point Ferry for ride across the Long Island Sound. Breakfeast can be purchased on the ferry. Ferry ride is about 1hr 20 minutes. There will be some lectures while at Mystic, and plenty of time to allow the RAW herd plenty of open range roaming including lunch courtesy of Mystic Aquarium.  Ferry ride back to Long Island and buses back to AMW/hotel by ~6-7pm. 
NFT running till 11pm.

Thursday June 19

Lectures for first half of the day, final lecture time not yet determined, but should end around noon. Aquarist Olympics and BBQ for Thurs. afternoon.  The events will be fun and challenging.  Just a note regarding the Olympics... over the past few years, the events seem to have gotten a bit out of hand with the basic events essentially getting destroyed, so they will be much more tame yet fun, this year. Bribing judges is still strongly encouraged and actually required!!
Thurs. night is an open night for all, with special treatment for RAW attendees at:, which is of course open to all during the rest of the week as well.  NFT will be available for transport from AMW to hotel.


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