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Well, the time has finally arrived. The conference is here and there's no turning back. Come one, come all! It's time for OmaRAW!!!



We've got a big update for you today. We've now posted the provisional presentation schedule! So, for those of you who are still pondering coming, the list of speakers will give you all the justification you need! Check out the schedule in the PRESENTATIONS section.


Also, the list of attendees in the REGISTRATION section has been updated. We are over 130 people thus far!



Hi all, just a little nugget of info:  if you are booking a room for RAW, tell them it’s for the “Regional Aquatics Workshop”, not RAW.  Perhaps that is where some of the confusion lies.  Also remember to email Mitch if you have any problems at all booking the rooms.  Everyone that has told us they had a problem, has gotten the problem resolved and booked for the proper amount.



Hi all, for some reason some people are being told that the hotel is sold out for RAW and that they need to pay the regular rate.  This has happened on and off since people started to book rooms.  They keep assuring us they have fixed the problem, but since we just got another email today, it doesn't look that way.  There are still plenty of rooms available right now.  If you are told this while booking your room, please let us know (mitchc@omahazoo.com) as soon as you can so that we can fix the problem (again).  Hopefully they get this resolved.


The name of attendees continues to grow. Hopefully you can join them! Check out the REGISTRATION  page for details!



Some folks have requested a way to connect with other people for sharing accommodations. We have tried using a message board in the part to help with finding each other, and we think it did help. We're going to post it up again. You do not need to login or register to use it. *ROOMMATES WANTED*


The list of attendees is growing rapidly. If you haven't registered already, head on over to the REGISTRATION page for forms and also for a list of who's already signed up!



Well, the sponsors keep coming in, and we couldn't be more thankful! Please click over to the SPONSORSHIP page to see which companies are making RAW possible.


Also, we've posted the list of those who have already registered for the conference on the REGISTRATION page, and we'd love to add your name to the list! Come on down to Omaha and see Mitch. He misses you!



Hello all, we were informed by the AZA Program Committee that they have a list of “hot” topics that they are going to try and focus the AZA 2010 talk sessions on.  As many of you know, at last years RAW we chose ten talks that were deemed  “Best of RAW”.  Those presenters were then invited to give the same talk at the AZA national.  This year, there is a good chance we are doing the same thing.  So if you were kicking around an idea on the following subjects, but weren’t quite sure if it fit in with the agenda, well, now’s your chance.


·          Green practices

·          Population sustainability

·          Interpretation techniques and best practices

·          Climate change

·          Local conservation projects

·          Program animals (best practices, facility design, collection planning, training)

·          Social media

·          Animal, visitor, and staff safety

·          Husbandry and day-to-day management focus (both aquatic and terrestrial based)


Again, all topics are being considered for the conference.  If you think you have a good topic and want to present, by all means, send it to us.  The deadline for abstracts is fast approaching (February 19th!).  Please click on PRESENTATIONS, download the form, fill it out and send it on over!


2/2/10 We're starting to get some SPONSORSHIP roll in. If you are thinking about sponsoring the conference, contact Mitch to see what kind of options there are or visit our SPONSORSHIP page for more details!


1/15/10 Happy New Year, all! The REGISTRATION form is now available on the registration page in either Word or Acrobat form. Go on! Fill out the form and send it in!


12/17/09 We've added the SPONSORSHIP page for those of you interested in sponsoring this year's RAW conference. Some small changes have been made to suit our plans this year. Click on the link to see what sponsorship can do your for you and for the conference.


12/13/2009 Welcome to the RAW 2010 website under construction. Check back here for updates as things progress towards this year's conference. Here's a message from Mitch Carl who will be the point person extraordinaire:


Hi all, just an update on OmaRAW 2010 to be held at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Ne.  The dates have been set for June 7-11th, 2010.  TAG meetings will be held on Monday the 7th, the conference talks will be the 8th-10th, Olympics the afternoon of the 10th, Coral Symposium on the 11th, and the  separate SECORE workshop will be on Saturday the 12th.  Registration costs will be the same as last year and we should be able to start taking registration fees at the beginning of the year.


The hotel is the Doubletree hotel in downtown Omaha, (http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/hotel/OMAH-DT-Doubletree-Hotel-Executive-Meeting-Center-Omaha-Downtown-Nebraska/index.do).  Rooms are $119 a night and just mention RAW when booking.


The Coral Symposium will be part of RAW and open to RAW attendees, w/ no additional fee.  It will most likely be like the jelly symposium w/ morning talks and afternoon workshop.


The SECORE workshop will first be open to SECORE members only.  If there are spots left open, then non-SECORE members can join.  There will be a small fee associated with this workshop.  Most likely around $30.  Attendance will be limited to this workshop (15-20 people or so). 


I am already putting out the call for presentations and posters.  Please start to think about what you would like to present on.  The categories to present on are pretty wide open.  If you have a specific area that you would like to see addressed, send me an email and I will highlight that as a category that people really want to hear about.  Also, all you coral geeks start thinking about areas you would like to see talks on for the coral symposium and what topics you can present on.


In the meantime, if you have any question about the conference, symposium or SECORE workshop, don’t hesitate to email or call me!


Mitch Carl

Curator Aquatics

Henry Doorly Zoo





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