RAW 2011!     

Call for Presentations

The staff of the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center would like to invite you to be an active participant in the 25th Regional Aquatics Workshop (RAW).  We encourage you to share your knowledge with colleagues by presenting your field of expertise to the group.  Without many opportunities for formal training in our industry, information sharing within the confines of gatherings like RAW are crucial to professional development and the positive growth of the industry as a whole. With professionals of varying experience levels in attendance, presentations are solicited to cover an array of topics.

Download your Abstract Submission Form here: 

The RAW General Sessions will take place on May 3-6. These five sessions will give speakers an opportunity to share new innovations or re-hash old exploits with exciting updates. General session topics may include but are not limited to the following:

Ethics, Conservation, and Education  · Exhibit Design  ·  Legislation and Permitting  · Collection, Acclimation and Quarantine  · Nutrition and Feeding  ·  Captive Behavior  ·  Stock Management  ·  Record Keeping  · Reproduction  ·  Veterinary Care ·  Enrichment

This year three additional focus sessions will be held:

LSS and Water Quality (May 3-AM)

This session will focus on current trends in water quality management and LSS operations and design. No topic within water quality or LSS technology is too small or broad to be included in this session. Speakers are invited to share their knowledge, creativity and solutions to headaches in this very special RAW session. From new aquarists to experienced curators, exploring the chemistry and physics behind our industry will make this session worth attending! 

Fee-based and Animal Interactive Programs (May 3-AM)

With the current trend in our industry to bring collection members and aquarium visitors closer together, this session will be a “must attend”. Whether you have experience with “Swim with the Shark” programs, ray and invertebrate touch pools, or aquatic-themed changing exhibits, colleagues are encouraged to share success and disaster stories about these new programs with the RAW audience. We encourage speakers to submit papers that share the ins and outs of successful programs and the “Oh, I should have done” epiphanies that can make or break an exhibit experience. This session alone should be a great selling point for attendances at this year’s RAW in Virginia Beach!

Fish Propagation 101 (May 3- PM)

Sustainability concerns and the pressures on our marine aquarium resources have caused the public aquarium industry to take a hard look at the future of fish and invertebrate acquisition practices. This session will be devoted to one possible source of collection animals in the future- captive fish propagation. From the nuts and bolts of system design and construction, to cracking the mysteries of food and larval fish development, to the questions of maintaining genetic diversity in populations, this session will be a must hear for public aquarium professionals. We are rounding up speakers to present during this session but additional papers on fish propagation and related subjects are encouraged to be submitted for inclusion in the program.

As in years past the BEST OF RAW is still being compiled at RAW 2011. All speakers will be considered for the Best of RAW and those selected will be invited to speak in the Best of RAW sessions at the AZA Conference in the fall of 2011 hosted by the Georgia Aquarium and the Atlanta Zoo.

Application Deadline:  January  14st, 2011 


Interested parties should download, complete and send by email the completed Presentation/Poster Application form to:




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