Update May 8, 2018

RAW 2018 Panel Discussion - Strategic Partnering to Support Our Common Goals
May 16, 2018 10:25am-12:30pm

On May 16th, from 10:25am-12:30pm, there will be a two-panel discussion.   Regulations, legislation, community- and cultural-based environmental movements, and the complexities of animal welfare and animal rights conversations all affect the home and public aquarium industries and their common mission of promoting the thoughtful and responsible stewardship of our aquatic resources.

We will review recent lessons learned and ongoing homework required on the front lines of one facet of the public and home aquarium industries – animal acquisition. And share the importance of considering the impacts of our acquisition policies on the communities and cultures at the epicenter of our resources.

Take homes will include:
* A call to create engagement opportunities with untraditional partners
* How to engage in and elevate acquisition sourcing conversations in facilities, and
* Tools and resources available to ensure responsible practices (Firchau, B. Strategic partnering to support our common goals [Abstract].  To be presented at Regional Aquatic Workshop, May 16, 2018, Tampa, Florida.)

To prep yourself for this panel discussion, please refer to these documents:

  *   PIJAC Update: Teamwork is Helping Hawaii’s Aquarium Trade.  (2018, 29 March) Reef To Rainforest Media.  Retrieved from https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2018/03/29/pijac-update-teamwork-is-helping-hawaiis-aquarium-trade/

  *   A Pulse Check on Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishing Ban (2018, 13 April) Reef To Rainforest Media.  Retrieved from https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2018/04/13/a-pulse-check-on-hawaiis-aquarium-fishing-ban-draft-assessments-published/

  *   Firchau, B., Dowd, S., Tlusty, M. (2013, August).  Beyond Sustainability: How to create protected areas and provide for exhibits in the future by promoting a socially and environmentally beneficial aquarium fish trade. CONNECT, 16-18.  Retrieved from http://projectpiaba.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/AZA_Connect_Piaba.pdf

  *   OFI Journal: Official publication of Ornamental Fish International.  Issue 86.  (2018, February).  Retrieved from http://www.iucnffsg.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/OFI-Journal-86_14.pdf

  *   Morrell, K. (2016, June). Origins: Sustainability and Transparency in Aquatic Collections.  Retrieved from https://www.aza.org/connect-june-2016

This article is available to AZA Members Only.  Follow the link provided, then click on “Origins: Sustainability and Transparency in Aquatic Collections” and log in to the AZA website.


Update April 5, 2018

You do not have to be registered to attend the RAW conference in order to attend TAG meetings. However, space is limited, so RAW conference attendees will be given first priority for TAG meeting seating, and non-RAW attendees will be on standby for seats based on availability after all Raw conference attendees have been accommodated.


Update February 15, 2018

All abstract submissions have been reviewed.  Speakers and poster presenters have been notified and need to confirm by March 1st.

Details on how to organize the presentation and poster will be posted on this website by March 1st.  Refer to the documents "How to Organize Your Presentation" and "Poster Guidelines" for useful information that is unique to RAW 2018.

The agenda will be posted on Whova by mid-March.


Update January 17, 2018

We are no longer accepting abstracts.  Thank you to everyone that submitted one!

Early registration has ended, but you can still register for the conference for $125.

Check the Social Events and Tours tab for information on some of the evening events planned.


Update November 12, 2017

Call for presentations abstract information and submission forms are now live on the registration page!


Update October 20, 2017

Registration for RAW 2018 is now open! Check the Registration and Travel & Lodging pages for more information.


Update September 1, 2017

Information on RAW 2018 Coming Soon!




Update May 19, 2017

For those who attended the Regional Aquatics Workshop last week, you know that it truly was Wicked RAWsome! Thanks to the fabulous hosts, the New England Aquarium.

The RAW Program Committee would like to recognize some of these fantastic presentations as the Best of RAW. These presentations rose to the top as innovative, thought-provoking, and representative of our industry. A special thank you to our at-large judges selected from the audience:
Amy Slagoski
Kenny Stange
Dee Murphy
Allen McDowell
Andy Allison

Congratulations!! to the Best of RAW 2017:

Barrett Christie: Effect of Supplemental Phosphorus and Organic Carbon on Nitrification during Cycling

Rob Jones: Stress and its Effects on Fish (including Mycobacteria)

Sandy Trautwein: Developing a Professional Team: Ideas from the Aquarium of the Pacific

Andy Rhyne: Hormone Induced Spawning of the Atlantic Lookdown, Selene vomer

Matt Wade: Hungry, Hungry Rhizostomes: Successful Rhizostome Culture Strategies at National Aquarium

Jennie Janssen and Brian Nelson: The Cuboid Invasion – Part 1: Sweating the Small Stuff

Mark Murray: Using Electricity to Bridge Temperate Sharks during Positive Reinforcement Training

Katy Duke: Plastic Fantastic? Taking up the challenge of going #OneLess and Fires happen! … How prepared are you?











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