Update: We’re forging forth

Hello RAW 2022 community.  I hope the holiday season was festive for all and the new year brings nothing but optimism and not omnicronism.

We are forging forth with our plans to host the in-person gathering that we set out to provide when we proposed this last fall.  We have some knowns, and of course many unknowns, but we’ll focus on that which we have some control over.

First – the RAW Program Committee has been working tirelessly to sort and compile the great submissions that they received late last year.  The final touches are being placed on a workshop schedule that looks <very roughly> like this:

Tues (22nd)Wed (23rd)Thurs (24th)Fri
AZARAW welcomeSessionSessionSession 
SteeringTAG mtgSessionSessionSession 
MeetingsTAG mtgSessionSessionSession 
DayTAG mtgSessionRAW businessSession 
FreeIcebreakerFreeDinner (Colonel)Free 

Thank you for all who submitted content.  Look for a notification from the Program Committee on submission acceptance and where it fits in the schedule above.

To all of our gracious, and patient sponsors – Thank you as we wouldn’t be successful in making this happen without your support.  I promise to get our communications moving and make things a bit more clear to you in the next few days.

To all who are contemplating attending, but are not sure how your facility support looks at this time or your comfort level with the viral variant sweeping our nation.  Please feel free to send me an email and give me a hint on your status.  Having a firmer sense on what scale of workshop we are planning for helps us in the process.  We have great sponsor support for a lower overall attendance, but if we suddenly see an increase in attendees wanting to come, it will create problems without a lot of time to react.

I remain hopeful that we can see each other and share a few laughs in just over 6 weeks from now.