Proposals for Hosting of RAW 2008


We have three aquariums offering to host RAW 2008. Below you will find files provided by them for your review and to assist you in deciding who you will vote for to become the hosting facility. Please keep in mind that these are large files, so please be patient! When prompted to open or save, just click on 'Open'. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer, you will need to first download Powerpoint Viewer (1.9MB) by clicking here. It is an .exe file, and your security software may warn you about downloading it, but it is safe.


Newport Aquarium, Newport, Kentucky

Powerpoint presentation (5MB)


Atlantis Marine World, Long Island, New York

Powerpoint presentation (4MB)

there is also an accompanying Word document (42KB)


John G. Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois

Powerpoint presentation (3MB)


Remember, voting can only be done by emailing your selection to Pete Mohan at



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