The Plan

Just over one week out and things seem to be coming together.  Please see the revised schedule for a few minor tweaks.  First and foremost, the dinner event on Wednesday, 23 February has been moved to our Visitor Center complex as the paddlewheel will still be in dry dock.  It seems SOOO apropos and completely in line with our RAW logo.  Our team is dynamic, flexible and imaginative and have already created a great evening plan for the revised venue.

Our attendee list is equally dynamic with additions, substitutions and sadly deletions going right up to the wire.  Please, please, please (PLEASE!) let me know if you’re coming, but just haven’t pushed that submit button on the registration link.  We need to know how many seats to set at the table – otherwise you may be relegated to the kids table – on the paddlewheel boat – in dry dock.  At the current count including registrants and sponsors, we’re looking at 204!  That’s like early 2000s numbers.  Well done folks!

We’ll be sending an email out to registrants as we wrap up our details and have much more to let you know as you make your way to our tropical Island paradise.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all and showing you some good southern hospitality as we gather and keep the RAW machine moving.