Welcome to RAW

Sending this via list serv as it has relevance to both those attending RAW this coming week, and the broader community.

For those coming – safe travels and we’ll see you in a couple days.  Feel free to ping my email with questions – do not hit reply on this unless you want to tell EVERYONE what an F’in party they’re missing.

For those not able to make it – we’ll miss you, but we did want to invite folks to join the opening session we’re branding Tide Talks.  It’s our community’s Ted Talk -get it.  We hope to provide a panel view across a diverse segment of our industry with a quick summary of their trials, tribulations, challenges and accomplishments over the past 703 days – who’s counting.  We hope to focus on the Networking, Flexibility and Resilience that our community requires and excels at.

Session will start at approximately 8:20am central time on Monday morning and last until approximately 9:30.  It will be a Vimeo broadcast that will require an invite link that our friends at Animal Professionals will provide.  Please send me an email if you are interested in viewing and we’ll get your email contact to John, Raquel and Jennie to get you that link.  Again – don’t email the list, email me at gwhittaker@moodygardens.org<mailto:gwhittaker@moodygardens.org>.  We’ll try to keep up with responding, but please don’t wait until the last minute – we’ll be hosting a workshop and kind of busy.