Coral School Workshop

RAW 2023 is pleased to announce that we will be offering the second Coral School workshop. This 2-day workshop will take place as an addendum the weekend before RAW, May 6 and 7. Cost for the course is $200, and will include lunch both days. Last offered in Florida back in 2018, this course does not take place every year and will have limited spots available. RAW Coral School is geared toward intermediate and experienced aquarists who would like to build skills in the detailed care of coral exhibits. Topics will include coral physiology and biological processes, water quality, lighting, nutrition, health and diseases, filtration, and building a coral exhibit. The course will include detailed lecture and discussion, some hands-on practical, and opportunities for Q&A with coral care experts from around the industry. Instructors will include experts from The Florida Aquarium, Omaha Zoo and Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, Long Island Aquarium, and others.

Registration is available on the RAW conference website.—Coral-School-Workshop

I will be coordinating the workshop this year, so for questions about the course please contact me at


Steve Bitter 

Director of Husbandry

Aquarium At The Boardwalk

P  (520) 490-1631