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Welcome to the website for the Regional Aquatics Workshop 2007 including AZA TAG working meetings.  The main conference presentations will take place from Tuesday June 19th – Thursday 21st, 2007 with TAG meetings being conducted on the Monday the 18th.


7.31.07 For those of you who miss (or missed) the continuing education that RAW 2007 brought you, you're in luck! Click here to see tons of photos from the conference!


6.16.07 Only a couple more days until we see you all in Pittsburgh! Just remember to start thinking about getting your Aquarist Olympics teams of 4 together for Thursday afternoon. Should be tons of fun and loads of laughs!


Also, check out our attendees list. We are over 200 participants!


6.2.07 For those of you thinking about possible hosting RAW in 2009, here's a message for you from Pete Mohan, our beloved chair of the RAW advisory committee. We hope to see several facilities offering up their resources to host this great conference!


Hi All,

Is your institution considering hosting RAW in 2009?  If so, you will want to have a presentation ready for the business meeting that will occur the morning of June 21st.

Last year we had an unprecedented situation where we did not have any confirmed candidate institutions (receiving the official go-ahead from their director, etc.) by a deadline to which I had publicly committed.  Subsequently a vote was conducted by email but this was very time consuming.  The deadline for 2009 will be 800a on June 21st (just find me at the meeting).   

Presentations should include information valuable to potential attendees.  This typically includes sample hotel rates, sample air fares from major cities, and a description about what you think will make "your RAW" attractive.  Tell us about your facility, your town, etc.

Hosts have agreed to keep the registration fee to $35, with a $50 cap that has been used recently for late registrations.  It would be best to consult recent hosts to understand how they have arranged sponsorships to cover most costs.  Allan Marshall is the current host and Greg Whittaker hosted last year.

I encourage past candidates who were unsuccessful to apply again.  Pittsburgh was persistent and this was eventually rewarded by the attendees.

Look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh,
Pete Mohan
Chair, RAW Advisory Committee


5.25.07 Hey Guys! We've gotten our first draft of the presentation schedule up! We'll be doing some tweaking, of course, but the schedule is looking full and exciting. Check it out!


5.23.07 Nothing like a discount deadline to get people into action for registering! We are now up to 153 attendees! Still not sure if you want to make it? Check out the list of attendees so that you feel sooooo left out! Download the registration form here.


Also, you can check out the general schedule of events and sessions in the Schedule section.


5.18.07 One month before the conference starts, and things are looking good. As some of you have discovered, the rooms at the Sheraton at conference rates have all been booked up, but there is still the possibility of finding some more. Please contact Allan Marshall directly and immediately to see what can be done. Also, we promise to have a conference schedule and presentation list posted on this website soon!


5.15.07 Time is running out to book your hotel room at the special RAW conference rate of $99! May 18th is the last day to get this rate. So, if you haven't already booked, make sure you go to the Sheraton Station Square's booking website to reserve your room!


Also, the early registration discount deadline is only a couple of days away. So, get your registration forms postmarked or faxed by May 17th to take advantage of the discount. Don't miss out! The list of attendees is getting longer by the day!


4.28.07 The list of attendees continues to grow. What are you waiting for? Sign up and come and join us!


4.12.07 Things are really starting to pick up as we approach the conference in just over 2 months. Some people have been inquiring about finding roommates to help share the cost of hotel rooms. So, to help you out, we've started a message board to post roommate needs. You can go to the message board by clicking here.


4.10.07 We've posted some guidelines for those wishing to do poster presentations for the poster sessions. You can read them by clicking here.


4.6.07 Abstracts have been coming in, but we’ve had requests for extensions.  So don’t panic.  We have extended the deadline for abstracts to April 30.  If you have not done it by April 29, then you can panic.  We hope to have a schedule posted soon.  Your abstracts help us format it, so get ‘em in if you want to present.


4.5.07 Well, we're excited to see that people are already starting to register for RAW 2007! Wondering if one of your favorite colleagues is attending? Think you're the only one going? Don't wanna be left out? Check out the Attendees section under Registration for the growing list of those coming to Pittsburgh. Check back often!


3.13.07 A quick note to clarify a mistake in the dates that were listed in the above paragraph of this page. The conference will run from Tuesday June 19th to Thursday June 21st, not Friday as was previously listed. TAG meetings will still be on Monday the 18th. Our apologies for any confusion.


Also, some more details for those wishing to make presentations can now be found in the Presenters section under Registration.


3.5.07 Just a reminder that for those wishing to make a presentation this year, the deadline for abstract submissions will be April 2nd!


2.20.07 The conference registration form is now available for attendees. Click here to download the form as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.



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