Welcome to the website for the Regional Aquatics Workshop 2006 including AZA TAG working meetings and, for this year, the associated Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium. The main conference presentations will take place from Tuesday, May 16th to Friday, May 19th with the Sea Turtle Symposium happening on the 20th and 21st. You can read more details about the Sea Turtle Symposium by clicking here. Check back often for updates as more details become available.


Latest News


7.17.06 For those of you eligible to vote, you can go to the RAW 2008 page to see presentations from potential hosts by clicking here.


5.9.06 Only one week left before the conference starts, and we have a few more updates for you. The list of attendees continues to grow. Click here to check that out. Also, the program continues to be refined and updated. See the latest here. Lastly, check out the designs for graphics that will appear on the conference t-shirts. They will be available for only $10 at the conference!



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5.1.06 The month of May is here and only two weeks to go before RAW! If you haven't already made the commitment to join us, there isn't much time left. Hope you can join us. We've updated the provisional schedule to include TAG meetings and Sea Turtle Husbandry Symposium presentations. Check it out!


Also, We are having a small silent auction this year during the icebreaker event on Wednesday.  We're hoping to generate the funds to help with ongoing RAW costs (website costs, some program development costs), and if we generate enough $, we can designate funding for TAG sanctioned activities.  So, if you've got something really cool to bring along and donate as an auction item, contact Greg Whittaker at gwhittaker@moodygardens.com.


4.26.06 A provisional schedule of talks has now been posted so that you can see who has already committed to making a presentation at this year's RAW. You can view this schedule by clicking here.


4.23.06 New sponsors have been added to our sponsors list, and we are extremely happy to have them! Check out the updated list here.


4.15.06 The early registration deadline has come and gone, but we hope you can still make it out! The registrant list has now grown to 100 attendees strong. You can view it by clicking here.


3.29.06 The list of attendees currently registered is now up. You can view it by clicking here. We hope to add your name to the list soon!


Also, we couldn't possibly imagine hosting a RAW conference these days without the valuable support of sponsors. Check out our list of sponsors by clicking here, and we hope that list will continue to grow. Interested in sponsoring the conference? Click here for more information.


3.26.06 Early registration deadlines have been extended to April 1st! Register soon to take advantage of lower registration fees.


3.8.06 Some updates: a more definitive conference schedule can be viewed by clicking here. Hospitality suite will be open until 2a.m.!



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